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Other Links to our Friends and Favorite Sites

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A and R Online - Album Oriented Rock online.

Airborne Jazz - A very nice sounding smooth jazz group with their own radion station on the Web.

All About Jazz - A great jazz information site. Click here for jazz links from the All About Jazz - Jazz Magazine and Resource website.

American Musical Supply - A popular online music store.

Artist Direct Network - ARTISTdirect is the leading online music company that connects music fans directly with their favorite artists worldwide via our online network.

American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) - This site allows you to search for songs. ASCAP is the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, a membership association of over 100,000 composers, songwriters, lyricists and music publishers. ASCAP's function is to protect the rights of its members by licensing and paying royalties for the public performances of their copyrighted works.

Artist Direct Network - This music website provides concert information, tickets, news, shopping, videos and music downloads for over 100,000 artists.

The Baked Potato - A favorite jazz club in LA famous for the intimate atmosphere and great players. Check out the pictures.

Bands for Hire - St. Louis Music Classified - Listings of bands in St. Louis, MO.

The Beatles - Mike's Beatles Links is a great site that will connect you to most every website about the Beatles in the world. Check it out.

Billboard.com - The internet version of the most popular music trade magazine.

Blue Desert Artist Spotlight - A nice summary of some great West Coast artists.

Boston Horns - This is the site of a leading East Coast R&B/funk band.

Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI) - This site lets you search for songs. BMI is a music performing rights organization. BMI represents songwriters (even when they happen also to be performers), as well as film, television, musical theatre and classical music composers and, of course, music publishers. BMI collects money from the businesses that use music in the course of their day and then pays out that money as royalties to the composers and publishers of the songs and compositions they play.

Brown Derby - An international wine center located in Springfield, MO that will mail fine wines to you.

Gary Burton - The official website of the great vibes player.

Ralph Butler - The official website of St. Louis' favorite entertainer and a friend of the band.

CDNOW - CDNOW is one of the most powerful and recognizable online entertainment brands. We offer our audience an unprecedented selection of music products, artist news and reviews, audio and video clips, and community -- all of which can be personalized to suit various lifestyles.

Chia Band - Official website of the popular St. Louis band featuring friend of the band saxophonist, Vince Sala.

Coastal Jazz Association - Popular jazz website.

Contempory Jazz - Visit this site to see what's happening in contemporary jazz including upcoming CD releases by the top artists.

CoolJazzCreatives Network - CoolJazzCreatives Network is a new music label and a network where labels cooperate to offer excellent music to consumers and music users.

Crusaders - A discography of one of the groups responsible for pop jazz, smooth jazz and fusion.

Cyber Jazz - Rare and hard-to-find recordings, sheet music, arrangements, and accessories.

Daddy Cool & the Groove Bug - Check out this Ottawa-based funk band with Lotsa horns! Click here for Daddy Cool's mp3 web site.

Dine Online - St. Louis restaurants listed alphabetically.

Dr. Zhivegas - A favorite St. Louis group specializing in disco and the funk side of things. They are great guys and do a wonderful show.

DogbiteMusic.net - DogbiteMusic - free downloads, mp3s and Weed music files.

Downbeat.com - A favorite internet music publication.

Drudge Report - Matt Drudge's web newspaper.

Drummer World - A great site to find information about drummers.

Earth, Wind and Fire - Official website of this great band!

Richard Ecklund's Links - This is a great set of music, computer and general web links.

Europe Jazz Network - Europe Jazz Network (E.J.N.) has been, since 1987, the first electronic network in the cultural domain. It is a non-profit association of promoters, musicians' associations, artistic directors, consultants of music programmes in Europe working mainly in the field of jazz and improvised music. E.J.N wants to promote collaboration among the professionals in this field to improve organisational efficiency and programming of concerts and tours and, therefore, the working conditions of musicians, agents, promoters.

The Fab Faux - A Beatle band featuring bassist Will Lee.

Fairchild - A very popular St. Louis group featuring Connie Fairchild (vocals) and Mike Newman (guitar).

Fluid Drive - A popular St. Louis group featuring guitarist Dave Hinson. Check out Dave's vintage guitar shop and his special guitar T-shirts.

Fourplay - A smooth jazz group featuring Bob James (keys), Nathan East (bass), Harvey Mason (drums) and Larry Carlton (guitar).

Gemm Music - The Global Electronic Music Marketplace (GEMM) is a good site to buy out-of-print, hard to find, imports, new and used CDs, tapes and vinyl records. GEMM links you to a network of music retailers all over the country and the world.

Get Music.com - Their goal is to satisfy your musical cravings by giving you unprecedented access to your favorite artists and helping you discover tomorrow's stars today. Throughout the site, you will find rich artist content, including exclusive features, in-studio interviews and extensive backstage coverage.

Sean Hannity - A favorite conservative television and radio talk show host.

Harry's Blues Lyrics Online - Looking for lyrics to a blues song? Visit this site and you will find the lyrics to over 3,000 blues songs. FREE! The site also contains audio clips and blues history. This is a great blues site. Our thanks to Bluesman Harry.

Heptune Classical Jazz and Blues Lyrics - This site, managed by Megaera and Brenna Lorenz, contains jazz and blues lyrics compiled from recordings from the first part of the 20th century.

J@zz MusLinks to Musicians. - Another good site for locating musicians.

Jazz At The Bistro - A great St. Louis jazz club where the legends play.

Jazz Artists Search - Use this UK-based site to find your favorite jazz artists and their birthdays.

Jazz FM - This UK-based jazz station is referred to as the home of Jazz radio on the internet.

Jazziz Magazine - An internet jazz magazine.

JazzOnWeb - A jazz portal music directory forum.

Jazz Online - An internet jazz website.

Jazzman Online - A good site for jazz information, links, audio and reviews. Click here for a list of jazz links.

Jazz Review - A good site for jazz music on the web.

Jazz Times Magazine - An online jazz magazine.

  Quincy Jones - The legendary producer, writer and musician.

Jungle Dogs - The alter ego group of Jim Owens, the trombone player in The Wild, Cool & Swingin' Orchestra.

KCME (88.7 FM Colorado Springs) - A great jazz station with Lenny Mazel, friend of the band, as the jazz director and show host. Check it out on the Web!

KFNS FanSports - This is the all sports radio station in St. Louis, MO. It can be found at 590 AM and 100.7 FM on your radio dial. You can also listen online by visiting their site.

Bob Kuban - Official website of the St. Louis drummer and bandleader for over 30 years. With his group "Bob Kuban and the In-Men" they had a hit with LOOK OUT FOR THE CHEATER.

Rush Limbaugh - A noted conservative talk show host and former disc jockey.

Lindy Hop Swing Society of Greater St. Louis - A non-profit organization dedicated to the enjoyment and promotion of Lindy Hop and other styles of swing dancing.

Mama's Pride - Official web site of Mama's Pride, a St. Louis tradition.
Pat Liston's - Web site.
Danny Liston's - Web site.
Max Baker's - Web site.

MetroTix.com - MetroTix.com links for St. Louis, MO.

Rob Mounsey - A composer, music producer, musician and Steve Khan collaborator.

Musicians On The Internet - Musicians On the Internet (MOI) is a virtual listening booth created and run by musicians on the World Wide Web.

Musiciansfriend.com links to manufacturer's sites - Musiciansfriend.com is a popular online music store.

The Musicians Network Group - A great site run by Dave "The Reverend" Boruff (sax). The Dave Boruff Band used to play at the "Flying Jib" in Encino, CA in the 1980s. Use this site to locate and contact musicians. "MuseNet" is a new contact organization (started early this year) for professional musicians who have an email address. * The Musicians Network Group known as "MuseNet" presently informs it's members of music related subjects on the info highway, sends & receives email about local music events, equipment sales etc. and has it's own occasional private AOL chat room.

Music Fanatic Lyrics Links - This is a good site for music in general, but this page has links to all sorts of websites where you can obtain lyrics.

Music Masters Recording Studio - Our favorite recording studio and people.

The National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences, Inc. - Established in 1957, The National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences, Inc. also known as The Recording Academy, is dedicated to improving the quality of life and cultural condition for music and its makers. An organization of more than 13,000 musicians, producers and other recording professionals, The Recording Academy is internationally known for the GRAMMY® Awards and is responsible for numerous groundbreaking outreach, professional development, cultural enrichment, education and human services programs.

Online Guitar Books - A guitar education site.

National Public Radio (Jazz) - Radio at it's very best.

Off Broadway Nightclub - A great club in St. Louis that presents the best in live music. Bill and Joe did a great job and we thank them for all their help. They are truly friends of the band. Good luck to the new owners.

Radio Hall Of Fame - The Radio Hall Of Fame is in part a tribute to the componsers, arrangers and musicians of the early to mid 1900s.

Re-run Records - The official website for Re-run Records.

Rocco's in L.A. - A popular L.A. jazz club.

Rock n Roll Vintage - A small guitar and bass shop in Chicago that specializes in vintage and used guitars, basses, and drums. Other links - Hofner bass site and Zildjian cymbal site.

The Rhythm Rockers - The official website for The Rhythm Rockers who are friends of the band. You gotta see one of St. Louis's favorite groups featuring the talents of Joe Garnier (keyboards, vocals), Andre Shepard (lead vocals), Eddie Fonville (bass guitar, vocals), Ron Sallee (lead guitar, vocals), and Don Drewett (drums).

The Rippingtons Official Website - This site is a must for all fans of The Rippingtons! In case you don't know, this group, led by guitarist Russ Freeman, is one of the hottest smooth jazz acts around. Click here for a Rippingtons discography. Click here for a Russ Freeman discography. Click here to visit another Rippingtons website.

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame - Visit the Hall of Fame on the web.

The Rolling Stones - Visit the Rolling Stones on the web. Click here for the Rolling Stones internet resource.

The Sheldon Concert Hall - A premier jazz concert hall in St. Louis.

ShowGig.com - ShowGigs.com was born out of the philosophy that a company could make a difference in the way entertainers, musicians, singers and dancers are promoted and marketed. We were struck by the fact that amazing talent exists but this same talent is virtually unknown or unrecognized outside of limited areas.

Smooth Jazz Links - A great site for links to your favorite smooth jazz artists.

Spyro Gyra - A premier pop/smooth jazz group started in the 1970s. Click here for a Spyro Gyra discography.

St. Louis Local Music Pages - This site provides links to local bands, radio stations, clubs, studios and record labels in St. Louis, Missouri. The site focuses on self-promotion and cooperation between participants in the local St. Louis, Missouri music scene - bands, studios, radio stations, music journalists, etc.

Smooth Jazz Online - A premiere website for smooth jazz and contemporary jazz music fans.

Smooth Sounds - Smooth jazz sounds on the web.

Soccer 365 - Check out the English soccer leagues at this website.

The Spectrum Band - The official website of this friend of the band group. The group includes Mary Polak (vocals), Ray Vuichard (vocals), Dave Smith (guitar), Mary Ann Schulte (keys), Mike Bearman (trumpet), Ray Vollmar (sax), Kurt Silver (trombone), Jay Hungerford (bass), and Tim Callihan (drums).

Steely Dan - Official website for one of the most creative groups in pop music. Click here to visit the Steely Dan Internet Resource. Click here to visit the Unofficial Steely Dan website. Click here to visit the Steely Dan Database: artist info of Steely Dan. Click here to visit the Under the Banyan Trees with Steely Dan website. Click here to visit Steely Dan Page by Joe Murtha's Home Page.

StreamerCity.com - The best in live interactive programming and video streaming on the Internet. ConcertsCast.com is currently showing 2 Songs with Allan Holdsworth, FREE! There are also Webcam views, TV and Radio broadcasts from around the world.

The David Surkamp Band - The official website of this friend of the band. See what the star of Pavlov's Dog is doing now.

Swing Me St. Louis - This is a swing dancing resource site from Swingin' Stephen Venters. In addition to being a swing dance historian, Stephen is also a popular swing dance instructor and a friend of the band.

TNT Jazz Band - Check it out.

Trixie Delight - Featuring one of St. Louis' best vocalists and friends of the band Kelly Wild. Along with former WC&S drummer, Steve Bunck.

Tower Of Power - The official website of this great funk band.

Twin Cities Jazz Society - The Twin Cities Jazz Society (TCJS) is a non-profit all volunteer organization dedicated to promoting jazz music in all of its forms.

Vitaminic - The leading European platform for the promotion and distribution of digital music over the Internet and other digital networks.

West Coast Jazz - A source for the very best in Smooth Jazz and Soul on CD, with some interesting stuff in-between.

WholeNote.com - The on-line guitar community. WholeNote is a free on-line community and education-based site for guitarists. It's designed to enable guitarists of all skill levels and styles to simple point or click or type to share information about all things guitar over the Internet in a manner previously unavailable. Its main educational focus is to provide tools for those that are knowledgeable to create on-line music lessons from which other visitors can learn, thereby creating a collective knowledge that all can use to further their own playing, and to allow visitors to access this knowledge in a fast and intuitive manner.

Wilson & Alroy's Record Reviews - They listen to the lousy records to you won't have to.

Windsor Crossing Community Church - A wonderful church in west St. Louis county with a great message and a wide variety of music featuring some of St. Louis' finest musicians plus a host of fabulous vocalists.

World Wide Jazz Online - Jazz - for those who don't appreciate it. A fasinating guite for understanding jazz.

WSIE Radio - This is the great jazz radio station at Souther Illinois University - Edwardsville where friends of the band such as guitarist Rick Haden, trombonist Brett Stamps and DJ Ross Gentilie do their magic.

Yellowjackets - A very good jazz group in L.A. that originally backed up Robben Ford, but has gone on to have success on their own.

The Zonkeys - A popular St. Louis group featuring Bob Luther on drums.

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