Updated December 10, 2014

Vocal Links to our Friends and Favorite Sites

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Patti Austin - A great singer. Click here for an Austin discography.

Jimmy Buffett - Official website of the popular singer/songwriter whose band features several St. Louis musicians including friends of the band Peter Mayer (guitar), Jim Mayer (bass) and Roger Guth (drums).

Bobby Darin - An great singer who left us too soon.

Sammy Davis Jr. - One of the greatest all-round performers ever!

Digital Times Karaoke - Find words to popular songs.

Fairchild - A very popular St. Louis group featuring Connie Fairchild (vocals) and Mike Newman (guitar).

Anne Kerry Ford - A wonderful singer with extensive experience and success in the art of musical theater. This site contains audio samples of Anne's CDs as well as links to everything you ever wanted to know about musical theater. And if that wasn't enough, she is married to guitarist Robben Ford who performs on and produces her CDs.

40 West Band - Gina Lucido, Rick Zelle and other friends of the band in the 40 West Band.

Michael Franks - A great smooth jazz singer with many albums to his credit. Click here for another Franks website. Click here for another Franks website.

Harry's Blues Lyrics Online - Looking for lyrics to a blues song? Visit this site and you will find the lyrics to over 3,000 blues songs. FREE! The site also contains audio clips and blues history. This is a great blues site. Our thanks to Bluesman Harry.

Heptune Classical Jazz and Blues Lyrics - This site, managed by Megaera and Brenna Lorenz, contains jazz and blues lyrics compiled from recordings from the first part of the 20th century.

Bobbi Humphrey - Vocalist/flute player.

Jungle Dogs - The alter ego group of Jim Owens, the trombone player in The Wild, Cool & Swingin' Orchestra.

Chaka Khan - A funky soul singer.

  Dean Martin - The coolest singer.

Peter Mayer - Pete, a St. Louisian and friend of the band, is a wonderful guitarist, singer, songwriter. In addition to his own musical projects, Pete has played with Jimmy Buffet's band for years, along with fellow St. Louisans and friends of the band brother Jim and drummer Roger Guth.

Michael McDonald - One more St. Louis singer, piano player, composer who made it big with the likes of Steely Dan and the Doobie Brothers. St. Louis watched Mike develop in local clubs such as The Castaway.

Joni Mitchell - A favorite musician.

Music Fanatic Lyrics Links - This is a good site for music in general, but this page has links to all sorts of websites where you can obtain lyrics.

John Pizzarelli - A favorite singer/guitarist/band leader whose group includes the great friend of the band Ray Kennedy on piano.

Peggy Rose - The official website of this great St. Louis jazz singer and friend of the band.

Frank Sinatra - The greatest saloon singer ever! Click here for Blue-Eyes.Com. A great Frank website. Click here for the Frank Sinatra Store website.

Steely Dan - Official website for one of the most creative groups in pop music. Click here to visit the Steely Dan Internet Resource. Click here to visit the Unofficial Steely Dan Website.

Gino Vanelli - A favorite singer with highly produced material.

Brian Wilson - The genius behind the Beach Boys.

Nancy Wilson - A wonderful singer.

Stevie Wonder - The Unofficial Internet Archive.

Yahoo Jazz Vocalist - The Yahoo list of jazz vocalists.

The Zonkeys - A popular St. Louis group featuring Bob Luther on drums.

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